Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

Back in Action

So well i've been pretty ínactive on the Blog lately but now i gonna start again

Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012


Here is Something for everyone (Check previous Post)
you all can get your hands on this, lets call it a BETA^^
engine is made by N-Speak from AM-Team
>>>>> ABFlug S900 <<<<<

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

New Style for the Levin

I always work on my cars
New on the Levin:
-New front bumper
-New side panels
-AW11 MR2 lip

Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Sil80 Experiment

So i am working on a Sil80 made it to a Postapocalyptic, Beaten-up Drift Car
just need to add more dirt and a few details

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

First 2012 Post - With AWESOMENESS Of Course!!!

Ok i have two cars to show one of them is still in development.
First one Mazda RX-7 FC3S:

The other car is a Toyota TRD 3000GT( In Development) :

Dienstag, 13. September 2011

Two new Rides

Here are Two new Rides from me